Composite Doors

Providing protection to you and your family

Beechwood Joinery & Glazing supply and install a vast range of composite doors to customers homes across Darlington and the wider area.



Our composite doors are built much thicker than traditional doors, your composite door will keep you and your family safe for years to come.



The beauty of our composite doors is the vast amount of customisability that they come with. Choose from tons of options from trim, colour, handle, wood material, and more to make it unique to you alone.

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All our materials are of the highest quality and installed by our expert craftsmen. As such, our composite doors come with a 10-year guarantee  


What is a composite door?

Composite doors are everywhere nowadays. You see them advertised and maybe even some of your neighbours have them. But what are they and why should you choose them for your home?

A composite door is made up of a combination of materials. This means it can improve on the performance of standard uPVC and timber doors. With a rigid polymer frame and insulating foam core, the multi-layers provide barriers against the cold and severe weather. As well as their unique interior, their exterior also makes them stand out. These doors have a woodgrain effect GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skin that’s damage and impact resistant. This lets them fit in perfectly in traditional as well as modern homes.

The benefits of a composite door.

Visually stunning

The aesthetic appeal is what first draws people to composite doors. Your front door is often one of the first elements of your home a guest will see. It’s important that it impresses, and composite doors certainly do that. With a resistant GRP skin, the colour will never fade. These doors have the timber look with modern performance. Fine detailing adds to the authentic look. Style is prioritised as much as performance with our composite doors, so they will always make sure your home stands out for the right reasons.

No more draughts

The thermal performance of our composite doors is second to none. With a highly insulating core, your home will no longer suffer from cold spots or draughts. Whatever the weather’s doing outside, you’ll be comfortable inside with A energy rating’s achievable. This will lower your energy bills and the superb insulation will keep unwanted sound out too. Our supply of composite doors are 17% more efficient than other solid timber core composites and timber panelled doors.

Increased security

A composite door provides a higher level or security to your property and family. With a more robust core and improved locking systems a composite door is very difficult to break into ensuring peace of mind.


These doors are extremely durable and rigid so provide more than enough protection against intrusion, the elements as well as regular wear and tear.


Composite doors don’t need repainting and the door skin keeps it protected against bumps and scratches. This durability will ensure that your new door stays looking good for years to come. With a 25-year structural warranty and 10 year surface warranty, Distinction composite doors will protect your home and look pristine for many years beyond this. These are doors you can rely on.

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