Fire Door Inspection

for Old Buildings

The choice of material is a key consideration. Timber, PVCu and aluminium all have distinct features, but when it comes to making your choice, here are five reasons you should choose aluminium hi-fold doors.

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Aluminium Bi-Fold


Fire doors save lives and properties. They are essential in all buildings to prevent the flow of smoke and fire, provide critical protection within a building such as escape routes, stairs and corridors and help provide a way for occupants to safely escape a building. 

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Stunning bi-folds

Aluminium bi-fold doors can add real value to a property. They open up the home to the garden so homeowners can enjoy those sunny summer days.


It folds neatly away so you don't have to worry about bumping into an open door. Its no surprise that hi-folds have been one of the most desirable home improvements of the past decade. According to Google, searches for 131-fold doors' in the UK continues to grow year-on-year. 

Why aluminium bi-fold doors?

Strong & Light - strong needn't mean bulky. Aluminium is a low density metal, so you get bi-fold doors that are as slim as they are sturdy. This means you can create slender lines to give your home a modern appearance with bigger glazed areas and improved views into the garden. Similarly, aluminium remains rigid in all weather conditions - for example, it doesn't contract or expand in direct sunlight-which makes it a great low-maintenance choice for homeowners.
Precisely Measured - aluminium bi-fold doors are made to order. That gives you the flexibility to create your perfect space, whether you want to entertain guests, give the children freedom to run in and out of the house or simply to enjoy the view into your garden.
Secure - nobody wants to worry about a break-in. Aluminium bi-fold doors are built to be robust so they can withstand the attention of burglars. For anybody wanting an additional level of protection, bi-fold doors can be selected in a Secured by Design (SBD) option - a nationally-recognised standard devised by police officers.
Stylish & Colourful - aluminium bi-fold doors look great, with clean lines and a modern sheen. Better still, bi-fold doors can be created in any Rift or BS colour. With more than 200 RAL colours and nearly 500 BS colours, that's a lot of choice. Look for aluminium that is powder-coated for vibrant colours that won't wear out, and rigorously checked to ensure there are no blemishes or imperfections.
Bespoke - aluminium bi-fold doors can be configured in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the design of the home. Think big: frame sizes go up to a height of 3000 mm and a maximum panel width of 1200 mm. With a choice of up to seven panels, that makes a total possible width of 8400 mm -a huge open area between the home and garden. Similarly, its up to you whether you want your door to fold to the left, right or split down the middle. Check out all of the options available in our hi-fold opening styles chart. 

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